Our Director

Tina Skaggs

Tina Skaggs began employment with Grove City Christian Childcare in January of 1997 so that she could provide her daughter, Jessica, with a wonderful pre-school experience. She quickly realized that it was more than a pre-school or childcare. Grove City Christian Childcare was a warm, friendly environment where each child was encouraged to excel and employees were encouraged to make their classroom their ministry. Each day, Tina had the opportunity to teach a little person about Jesus! She shares: “What could be better than that?”

In January of 2016, Tina was appointed the Interim Director of Grove City Christian Childcare and, shortly thereafter, in March, was promoted to the position of Director. Tina’s favorite thing about her job is the children’s stories. She loves when a child wants to tell her a story. It might be about their new shoes or something they noticed on the way to school – for a child, everything is so exciting. Tina shares, “There are not just seven wonders of the world. In the eyes of a child, there are seven million.” In addition to working for the childcare, Tina is an active member of The Naz Church and currently serves in the Elementary Ministry.