Enrolling in Our Child Care

To begin the enrollment process at Grove City Christian Childcare, an interested parent/guardian meets with the Director or Administrator to discuss the philosophy, policies and procedures of the Center.
A tour of the facility is given and the specific program schedule in which their child will be placed is discussed. The Director acquaints the parent/guardian with the required state forms, which must be completed to be officially enrolled.

The Enrollment Packet Includes:

  • Confidential enrollment forms
  • All About Me Form
  • Routine transportation permission forms (if applicable)
  • Student photograph consent form
  • A copy of the Parent Policies & Procedures
  • An automatic payment form

When the enrollment forms are returned and the required deposit is paid, a date is scheduled for the child to begin.

Any change in the information submitted at enrollment must be communicated to the office immediately so that current information is always on file. This is for the safety of the child.

Tuition & Fees

Grove City Christian Child Care exists as a nonprofit organization with tuition and fees established to support the cost of operation.

Learn more about our programs fees and availability by contacting or call us at 614-875-1917.