Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Payment Policies

Grove City Christian Child Care Center exists as a nonprofit organization with tuition and fees established to defray the primary cost of operation.

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Current Rate Schedule

Tuition rates starting August 21, 2017:

Infants-Nursery Infants-Butterflies Toddlers
Toilet trained 3-5 yrs.

$265.00 Weekly $260.00 Weekly $220.00 Weekly

$200.00 Weekly

You may leave your child any or all hours the Center is open (6:30am-6:00pm). We do not have tuition rates for half days or hourly.

Current Rate Schedule

Tuition rates starting August 21, 2017:

Before and after School

Before or After School
* Spring break/Christmas/Summer

$100.00 Weekly $68.00 Weekly

$180.00 Weekly *

There is no additional fee for all-day care due to snow days or one-day holidays.* The full-day program rate is payable for Christmas break, Spring break and summer vacation.*

There is no provision for daily or part-time tuition arrangements. We provide five-day-a-week childcare.

GCCCCC requires weekly Auto Payment Withdraw from your checking account or credit card on Mondays or Fridays. Forms are available at the office. A receipt will be issued upon request. A copy of your payment record and/or tax ID is available upon request.

In the event of illness, full payment is expected.

Delinquent Accounts / Returned Checks / Payments

Delinquent tuition payments without satisfactory arrangements with the Director will prompt withdrawal from the Center until your account is brought current. A $30.00 fee will be charged for any returned payments due to insufficient funds.


A deposit of one week’s tuition is required to reserve a space when the Center has notified you that a space is available for your child. The deposit is held in your account to cover the last week that your child is enrolled.


10% discount for families that are members of the Grove City Church of the NazareneSibling discount- 5%

Discounts are given for full time care only. The Before and After School program is considered part-time; no discount is available for siblings.


Full tuition is due for any periods including holidays, since the staff receives these days as paid holidays.

Inclement Weather

In the event the Center does not open due to inclement weather or other emergency, regular payment is expected.

Late Pick-Up Fees

Our Center closes promptly at 6:00PM. If you cannot pick up your child prior to 6:00PM, please contact someone from your pick-up list to pick up your child before our closing time. A late charge of $20.00 for each 15 minutes or part thereof will be payable with the next week’s tuition.

Please call in advance to notify the staff if you will be late. Repeated lateness will prompt the child’s disenrollment. At one hour past normal pick-up time, Franklin County Children’s Services and Grove City Police will be notified.

When School-Age children are expected at the Center and don’t arrive due to being absent from school or being picked up early, it causes alarm. We immediately call the school and/or parents to determine their location. This search takes valuable time from teaching and office staff. Please report any absences for School-Age children to our office at (614) 875-1917.

Rate Increases

You will be notified not less than one month prior to the effective date of any rate increase. Rates are reviewed annually by the Grove City Christian Child Care Education Committee.

Schedule Change

Please complete a change of schedule form if your child is leaving for the summer/fall or no longer needs care

Vacation Credit:

  • Each child attending full-time is allowed 5 vacation days per year.
  • Not applicable for part-time care or Hoover Rd. Half day Pre-School.
  • A child must be enrolled four consecutive months before being eligible for vacation time.

  • Vacation time is figured from September 1 to August 31.
  • Vacation time can not be accumulated from year to year.
  • Vacation time must be taken a full week at a time. (Monday – Friday)
  • A child cannot attend during vacation.

A Vacation Request form must be completed and submitted at least one week prior to your vacation so that accurate records may be kept and your account adjusted.


Parents may withdraw their child at any time. Please give a minimum of two weeks’ notice; the deposit will be forfeited if you do not give a minimum of two week notice. Please complete a change of schedule form.

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